This site is largely about climate catastrophe and what we might do about it. It can be thought of as an outpouring of how I'm thinking about these things. It's difficult, and, try as I might, I'm unlikely to come to a useful answer. The point, though is that there is a potential future out there, many aspects of which are already set, and it is not nice. I need to understand what that future is, how we got here, and what might be done to mitigate the effects - to see what agency I and my fellow beings might have to make life less unpleasant for now, and survivable for those that follow.

The site is a form of blog, but where posts may be gathered into sequences arranged in what I hope is a logical order. You might want to start with the Global Futures sequence.

I'm Mike Sandford, one time software developer. I don't do that now. When I'm not worrying about the future I'm looking after grandchildren and learning to play the fiddle. Both of these are very positive and challenging, and I rather think they both contribute to keeping my head above water.

Oh, and I'm happy to have comments. Please email me - mikedeplume at the obvious domain. I'll do my best to answer, either directly or by posting a discussion.

Happy reading.