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    • Ethics and impending disaster

      The ongoing pollution and resource challenges are not generating the level of focus they need. This appears to be a moral issue and it's worth looking at ethical approaches to understand this.

    • Guinea pigs or co-workers

      Describing actions taken to address our futures as 'experiments' sounds worrying; the idea smacks of lack of knowledge, or plain incompetence. Both of these are true, but the actions are not random, and can be controlled.

    • The future and The Great Experiment

      Trying to get a glimpse of the challenges of the future is only a problem because the future is, well, the future. The challenges of the present are, or should be, more obvious. Getting from here to there is a Great Experiment.

    • Choosing the battle

      Reddit was never going to be an ideal of reasoned discussion. This thread came close but still appeared to miss an important point.

    • Hanging on to data

      Old data is essential to historians and researchers of all kinds. I've just been reminded that even in the digital age finding what you want can be a matter of luck.